An overview of game design behind the $ZEN token and how it will be used within the Ukiyo ecosystem. Season 1.
General idea:
Staking platform that allows Ukiyo NFT holders to lock up their NFT to yield $ZEN token. $ZEN is strictly a utility token that can be exchanged for various utilities within our ecosystem. $ZEN has no monetary value and there will be no liquidity pool provided to support the price of the token. We are using game design to structure our tokenomics to ensure we are building a sustainable ecosystem around $ZEN.
Game Design:
In any game economic system, there are three features:
  • Resource generation - where players craft or receive resources over time
  • Resource destruction - where players burn resources for use in the game
  • Resource trading - where players can trade resources among themselves.
In the resource generation phase, players stake & do tasks in order to generate tokens.
Resource destruction is a phase that evolves over time. As utilities and benefits are entered into the game, more resource destruction methods exist. Players will have the option to “destroy” their resources over time in order to receive said utilities. The team’s goal is to destroy as many resources as possible over time.
All tokens “destroyed” (received in exchange for utility) by the Ukiyo team will be divided into four categories:
  • Burned
  • DAO treasury
  • Staking pools
  • Sent to team to be traded
A % will soon be assigned to each category, subject to change, which we believe can help create a sustainable game ecosystem.
Resource trading will always be active. Users will have the option to trade resources among themselves giving them the option to accumulate. This will have no affiliation with the Ukiyo team or parent companies. We are simply one of the many players that participate in resource generation, destruction, and trading within the $ZEN token ecosystem.
When creating a game system, we’re not just creating a system that our holders experience…
We’re creating a system that influences our holder's behavior.
Players of the “game” that we are designing can eventually create their own mechanics in order to generate additional $ZEN. There will be incentives for players to build within the $ZEN ecosystem to generate additional $ZEN and/or spend $ZEN, but not trade $ZEN.
This creates an interesting dynamic where players want to generate as much $ZEN as possible and hold on to it so they can use it. This, among other things, create demand for $ZEN, which is hard supply CAPPED and deflationary in supply.
Do you see what happens next?
For more info on game design see: https://gamebalanceconcepts.wordpress.com/
Scarcity mechanics:
There will only ever be 10,500,000 $ZEN tokens
Ukiyans initially generate 10 $ZEN per 24 hours
There will be 4 halvings of $ZEN, every time 25% of the supply has been awarded. At each halving point, every Ukiyo will yield ½ as much $ZEN as they did before. This means that over time, the amount of $ZEN yielded for staking a Ukiyo decreases. This ensures that Ukiyans who start staking on day 1 have the most tokens to gain. If there are Ukiyo’s that are NOT staked, the tokens they would have received will go to the Ukiyo’s that ARE staked, prior to the next upcoming halving.
Initial daily yield X number of Ukiyo staked = initial daily token circulation increase
10 $ZEN x (number of Ukiyo staked) = initial daily token circulation increase
Initial daily token circulation increase is variable and changes daily, it all depends on the amount of Ukiyo’s that are staked and therefore cannot be predicted. Because of this, it is almost impossible to currently predict when any halving will occur at this point.
Examine how it would work if all 6500 Ukiyans are staked and use it as a reference point:
1 Ukiyo yields:
  • 10 $ZEN per day
  • 1,615 $ZEN per halving (increases as % staked decreases)
  • 6,462 $ZEN if staked start to finish (increases as % staked decreases)
Roughly: (all will increase as % staked decreases)
  • 40 days till first halving
  • 80 days till second halving
  • 160 days till third halving
  • 320 days till fourth halving
  • Then remaining $ZEN in staking pools funded by % of team capture through utility
*There may be ways to increase the staking yield per Ukiyo*
Token Utilities
Over time there will be different rewards/utility offered to holders where they can decide if they’d like to exchange their tokens or hold on to them. Please note that this is in no particular order as some token utilities may come before others:
  • Some rewards will be available only in a limited supply or for a certain period of time making them rarer and more sought after
  • Some rewards will be around forever but will increase in price as time goes on
  • We will launch a raffle platform and discord store where NFTs, custom merch, WL spots, and IRL items such as art pieces, iPhones, I-Macs, Xboxs, I-pads, sneakers, gift cards etc… will be raffled/sold off for $ZEN token. Holders can also use the raffle site for their own NFTs and spend tokens to be featured
  • We will launch an auction shop where we will auction off NFTS, 1/1 art and collabs, Ukiyo graphics, limited merch, IRL items, and more. Holders can also use the auction site for their own NFTs and spend tokens to be featured
  • Token Integration into existing Solana platforms where people can use their $ZEN token. Pay for fees in $ZEN
  • Token integration into the UKIYO art agency platform. Sustainably create demand and use cases for our token (ex. Mint in our token). Some services we offer as a business may be offered in to holders/clients in exchange for a % of $ZEN token + $SOL
  • 3D Unreal Engine 5 metaverse capable Ukiyo avatars
  • Evolution. More info will be released on this at a later date
  • Co-mints with other projects, partial/full mint in $ZEN token. More info TBA
  • The discord #store for UKI will also have NFT’s, WL spots, physical items, etc.
  • The Ukiyo team will provide numerous other opportunities over time for holders to spend tokens on
Starting off, the game system will operate as a closed system. Meaning that all token destruction will be through utility/rewards created by the Ukiyo team.
As time goes on, the “game” will evolve into an open system where players find ways to provide their own products, services and benefits to other holders so they earn additional resources.
The Ukiyo team will incentivize players to earn resources outside of resource generation. Here are just some initial ways players can earn tokens outside of staking:
  • Finding project/wl collabs for Ukiyo
  • Finding new agency clients and new artists
  • Finding new partners for Ukiyo
  • Creating fan art/memes/etc
  • Being an active and engaged community member
  • Supporting Ukiyan values
  • and more over time
With the combination of deflationary tokenomics (halvings) and token sinks (token utilities) we believe that over the long term, $ZEN token will have the best shot at becoming a fully decentralized L2 Solana ecosystem token governed by the participants of the $ZEN ecosystem.
100% of all token emissions will be yielded through Ukiyo NFT staking. The $ZEN token is not an investment and is 100% a utility token. The Ukiyo team’s only involvement with $ZEN is being one of the many market participants within the $ZEN ecosystem.
Last updated: 10/16/2022
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